Want to Know Your Electrical System Is in Good Hands?

What Does a Residential Electrician Do?

Almost every home is hooked up to a main power source, which will allow the inhabitants to use appliances such as washer dryers, computers, dishwashers etc. however, for this to happen, wires and cables need to be run through the walls in order for them to be connected to outlets and breaker boxes. The breaker box is hooked up to an external power source. It will be the job of a residential electrician to run these wires through a home, install breaker boxes, and ensure everything is ready for when the power company comes to connect the house to the main external electrical lines.

An electrician is a person that is trained to install and fix electrical wiring and their associated connections in residential settings. They have to be highly proficient at installing lines through walls, attic, or beneath a house during its construction. It is also important for them to know all the different wires which are used, due to the fact different appliances need different wire sizes in order to work correctly. Should the wrong wiring be used, it could result in an overloaded circuit, or worse case scenario a house fire.

Another common duty a residential electrician does is to upgrade wires and breaker boxes in older houses. Houses which were constructed before dryers, computers, and televisions were used, and not equipped to handle such a large amounts of electricity being used. For this very reason, they will need box upgrades so higher wattage can be used without causing an overload.

Often in older houses, the wires become worn and frayed and need to be replaced to stop any malfunctions. With some cases, homeowners need help installing fixtures, appliances, etc. which is when an electrician will be called in to ensure everything is done properly. Some electricians specialize in repairing home appliances and fixtures also.

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